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OUR VISION - We are family! To be leaders in childcare in the South East

Growing Places is a charitable company, committed to enhancing lives, raising aspirations and creating opportunities for all stakeholders (children, their families, employees and volunteers) 

We provide a range of opportunities to encourage children to explore, think for themselves, find solutions and know that it is ok to make mistakes.  In doing so, we build children’s resilience, self-esteem and self-belief, encouraging positive attitudes to future learning.

To do this, we:

* Value each child as an individual, with their own needs and interests

* Value our families and wider community: creating a diverse environment with tolerance and understanding towards each other

We work hard to meet the individual needs of ALL children and their families. It is of great importance that you and your child feel welcome in our settings and treat them as a warm extension of your own home.

Together we develop sociable, articulate, responsible, caring children with a tolerance, understanding and respect for each other and their community.


Our approach reflects the values of the Reggio Emilia nurseries and pre-schools in Italy.  This is an inspirational approach that builds a culture that respects childhood and allows each child to have daily opportunities to play, explore, discover, communicate and develop tolerant, understanding relationships.  Bringing together, children, parents and staff in a journey of education.

For more information on the Reggio Emilia approach, please go to:

Our settings

Each of our NURSERIES includes family areas (Pods) where children and their key carers share social times,

support each other and gain a strong sense of belonging and independence. The Pods display photos and mementos from home and we find that children develop trusting relationships that are key to their learning and development whilst enhancing their self-confidence.  The Nursery environment is designed with furniture and equipment that is flexible and can be changed to meet needs and support individual interests. Each nursery has set areas that are always accessible to the children, water play, books, art etc. and these are added to as the children’s understanding and knowledge develops.

After-School Clubs provide a fun place to be at the end of the day.  Each of our clubs ensures that children play and socialise with friends after a busy day at school and throughout the long school holidays. All clubs provide a variety of opportunities including sport, games, tree climbing, creative play, cooking, IT and outdoor fun.   

Holiday Clubs provide you with peace of mind through the long school holidays, occupying even the most active of children. Additionally, regular day and overnight camping trips are organised to ensure children experience numerous outdoor challenges and hands-on activities. 


  • provide the highest quality of care and education for your child

  • provide safe, engaging facilities within each setting

  • deliver a childcare service that is flexible and affordable

  • work hard to meet the individual needs of ALL children and their families

  • ensure that families benefit from unlimited half-rate holidays

  • provide healthy, hot meals for those attending during lunch sessions in both nursery and holiday club settings

  • charge competitive fees that enable us to meet all costs without profit

Our team members are our greatest asset and we invest in their professional development to ensure that they are able to practice the highest standards of care and education for ALL children. They facilitate children’s learning and allow for independent learning opportunities in an exciting environment.

Additionally, COMMUNITY CHILDCARE CENTRES (Growing Places) is very proud to provide:

  1. FREE parent workshops and additional events for our families and local community

  2. families with opportunities to enjoy local camping trips, made fully inclusive for all children. We provide all tents and camping equipment and the experiences are fully staffed by our team members throughout the time.